About Prosperity

Prosperity Consulting is a full-service funding opportunities firm which aids entrepreneurs, communities, universities, trade associations, and cooperatives in obtaining funds through the use of government or foundation programs in the areas of agriculture, energy, environment and food manufacturing. As Certified Grant Administrators, we aid our clients in networking with state and federal agencies and trade groups to foster all areas of project development. Our team has written over 400 successful grants in 33 states; funding for these awards has yielded nearly $50 million. The majority of clients pursue projects to utilize or develop renewable energy, energy efficiency or energy technologies on farms, in rural small businesses, and in small and large communities.

Our Areas Of Interest Include:

  • Renewable Energy – Biofuels, biomass, methane capture, wind, solar and geothermal
  • Entrepreneurship – All project areas
  • Energy Efficiency – Irrigation, manufacturer retrofits, farm equipment, lighting, fans, HVAC, greenhouse, municipal waste water plants and for renewable projects
  • Energy Technology – Alternative fuels and energy technology equipment
  • Conservation Sustainability/ Redevelopment – Brownfield’s, green building, farm practices, grass and woodlands