Our Client’s Own Words

Justin Smith, Michigan

“Thank you for all your help, you have been a great asset on this project and made it very easy to apply if you ever need a great reference please don’t hesitate to contact me!”

Allen Buchanan, Indiana
“Thanks for the additional help and peace of mind.”

Allison Costa, Washington, D.C.
“Thank you so much for your willingness to fill in on a moments notice and your enthusiasm and support for this sector!”

Julie Bickelhaupt, Mt. Carroll, Illinois
“We chose to seek the help of a grant writer  because we felt it was in our best interest to receive help from someone whom was familiar with the steps  to be taken and the details of the grant forms.  Grant writing in our view was something that should be left up to an experienced writer.  We decided to choose someone whom we felt was  familiar with the grant we were seeking in order to  provide us with an advantage in getting the job done.”

Dan DeSutter, Indiana
“I wanted someone familiar with government bureaucracy to guide me through it. Besides, If we didn’t have a (new) grain dryer, I’d still be shelling corn at Christmas.  We save money by getting the crop out safely before its blown flat by a storm.   The commercial charges alone would have cost a fortune; the elevators are inundated by wet corn and close at 11:00 but now we can dry grain around the clock.”

David Arndt, Wisconsin
“The process (of grant writing) is pretty complicated and to be assured I’d be accepted/approved I needed to find someone with experience. (The grant) helped reduce the cost of installation of a new dryer and it will

Darren Schnitker, Illinois
“Not knowing anything about the grant writing process, it was well worth the financial cost of getting a grant writer.  Having a grant writer to guide me through the process and having questions answered properly and being in contact with the right people was worth it.  It’s a very extensive process.”

“The funds for the grant helped me get a more efficient grain drying system to aid in the profitability of my farm.”

Deborah Good, Indiana
“I thoroughly enjoy your Mid-Week Motivation and the personal and professional YouTube message with Erin….Clearly my kind of relationship building. Keep up the great work that you are doing…and wish you monumental success!”